In general, the birth father has a right to contest, or disagree with, the adoption. Even if there is consent, it is a good idea to have an attorney review your adoption case. The legal requirements for a relative adoption are outlined in the Adoption Act.It's a good idea to get legal advice on how to complete this kind of adoption. Thanks for the suggestion, but my parents are dead and there is no other family. I never saw another dime from him until 2019 when I took him back to court. Indiana here, step parent double adoption. but has not followed through. TEL: (480)420-2900 Stepparent Adoption & Name Changes: Where the adopting parent is the stepfather, the child can take the adoptive father’s last name. I'd just stress the 'it will end your child support obligations" part of it. I was not married to my sons bio-father. We are not in the USA but I wonder if you could do similar? He would get drunk the night before a pickup (no longer wanted Friday visits) and he’d be super late to a Saturday morning pickup. If something happens to me, he wants to stay here with my husband. Well, I found out years later when I took him back to court for child support that he was making $65K! My ex never once paid for my son to fly out there, and never once flew out here. Keep every record of your ex saying he will pay back money, visit, etc for court. He was making more money than me, not supporting his or any child, and still refused to financially support! I have been married now for 5 years. Without biological father's consent, there can be no adoption regardless of abandonment, support, etc. My husband wants to adopt the children. Any advice offered here would only be anecdotal at best. These forms are NOT to be used: • when a parent objects to or contests the adoption; Thanks, I’m nervous about this. I enrolled my son and he instantly changed for the better, both at home and academically. On the surface, ex always wanted to be a dad to our son and wanted to do right by him, but out of selfishness he was just unable to do so. Yeah. Ct. 2009), the birth father opposed proposed step-parent adoption and argued that his consent was necessary. Or, in some cases the identity of the biological father may be unknown. I don’t think we’ll get a quick consent. I think now that my son is older he is able to see through his fathers BS. However, he may need to take certain legal steps to block an adoption from taking place and, if the court determines that his rights can be involuntarily terminated, then the birth father’s consent to adoption may not be required. Call the law office of Stuart & Blackwell in Arizona at 480-420-2900 for a free initial consultation. What do you mean by “double adoption”? Well, can’t change the past and I continued to enable this relationship. The adoption can be completed without the absent parent's consent if that parent has abandoned the child. Gosh that makes me mad!! If the court grants the adoption, it will change your child's name if you request it. Oh brother... anyway, one day, my son had pink eye so I took him to urgent care. The steps necessary to accomplish this are set out in the Florida statutes. Your main hurdle is going to be the child's biological father. This can be true even if they had a relationship for many years. Stepfathers can develop extremely close relationships with their stepchildren. He did neither. Adoption is a permanent legal action that has many implications and you want to be sure you do it right. FAX: (480)420-2911. Once I stopped doing the driving and required ex to pick him up, they dwindled to every other, every 3, all the way up to every 6-8 weeks! (unless he was an unfit parent, but not paying child support doesn't rise to that level), Sucky situation!